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Designed & Manufactured by a "Scientist & Artist"

AirShip is designed and manufactured by LuvMeSweet Pte Limited.
This is a one piece design with no assembled parts.
Click here to see our factory in ZhuHai, China.

Luvmesweet is a Designer and Manufacturer of:
Plastic LifeStyle Products, Acrylic LifeStyle Products,
Pen Holders, Pencil Holders, Cosmetic Holders, Cosmetic Organizers,
Lifestyle Concept Products, Acrylic Products, Plastic Products,
Plastic Lifestyle Concept Products, Acrylic Lifestyle Concept Products,
Plastic Pen Holders, Plastic Pencil Holders, Plastic Cosmetic Holders,
Acrylic Pen Holders, Arylic Pencil Holders, Acrylic Cosmetic Holders,
Plastic Desktop Accessories, Acrylic Desktop Accessories,
Desktop Accessories, Concept LifeStyle Products
Plastic Concept LifeStyle Products.
Acrylic Concept LifeStyle Products.
LifeStyle Products, Concept LifeStye Products.
LifeStyle Concept Products.
Desktop Arts, Desktop Decors.
Plastic Lamps, Plastic Jewelry
Designer & Photographer: Kingson Lee (or Kingston Lee)
"A Kingson's Design."
Updated Sept 18, 2017
For Shops & Distributors only
A Special PenHolder & Desktop Organizer
Made of Acrylic
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